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FloPlast's WRAS approved MDPE Systems are suitable for use below ground on cold water services with polyethylene pipes manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 12201 - 2 (BLUE).

The 'Supreme' range offers everything you could ask of a compression fitting.

  • High Impact resistant Body and Nut which enables it to absorb thermal and mechanical stress.

  • The fittings have a co-polymer polypropylene Body, Body Nut and Guide Ring, Acetal Grab Ring and Nitrile Seal.
  • Maximum operating pressure is 16 bar for 20mm pipe. All other sizes are 12.5 bar.

  • Tested and approved by various testing institutes worldwide.

  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Approved (WRAS) product. 20mm to 63mm range of fittings.

  • All the ‘Supreme’ range of fittings are WRAS approved to resist pressure up to 16 bar.

  • Simple and quick to connect:

    • to fit the pipe you don’t need to dismantle the connector

    • you don’t need to chamfer the pipe

    • you won’t lose any pieces on the job site

    • no time wasted; just cut the pipe, insert pipe liner, lubricate the seal, undo the nut a few turns, push the pipe in as far as it will go, tighten the nut and it’s done!