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Quicker installation for large diameter couplings on site is now a reality due to product improvements by Flexseal.

“We have upgraded the bolting mechanism on these couplings so that they can be installed using either a ratchet torque wrench or drill, for faster tightening,” explained Steve Riding, Flexseal’s Commercial Director, who is responsible for product development. “The bolt design remains slimline, so contractors can easily access it, with no need to remove and realign their tool during installation.”

Only one tool is required for installation as the bolting mechanism is the same on the coupling clamps and on the central shear band, as with all Flexseal’s couplings. It is recommended to tighten all bolts on one coupling to the same torque, which keeps the tightening process simple and guarantees consistent air- and water-tightness across the entire joint.

The improved clamps will be a feature of all Flexseal’s couplings of 600mm diameter and above, including the standard LC, Extra Wide and Magnum ranges and will be supplied with a free of charge 3/8” square drive with 6mm hex head.