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PolyPlumb 10mm Spigot Blank End, Grey |

PolyPlumb 15mm Spigot Blank End, Grey |

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POLYPIPE PolyPlumb Spigot Blank End, 15mm.

PolyPlumb is an integrated flexible plumbing system, incorporating Polybutylene pipes and a complimentary range of push-fit fittings, and can be used in hot and cold water supply, and radiator and floor heating installations. PolyPlumb - the original Polypipe push-fit plumbing system - offers a high degree of reliability, achived through a product design that has been tried and tested over the past 30 years.

Fittings may need to be temporarily or permanently blanked for testing, avoidance of construction debris or for future connections. PolyPlumb fittings can be blanked off permanently using PolyPlumb Spigot Blank End.

Product features:

- One step operation: For quick and easy installation.
- Suitable for use in hot and cold water and heating systems in domestic properties such as radiator and underfloor heating installations.
- Suitable in both hard and soft water areas.
- Not suitable for transportation of gases, not suitable for use on systems with a high concentration of Chlorine.
- Material: Polybutylene.
- Colour: Grey.
- Guarantee: Polypipe guarantees for 25 years against defects in materials or manufacture of the PolyPlumb hot and cold water supply and heating systems from the date purchased. This guarantee only applies if the products are installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and are used in a normal domestic operation.