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WM2 1 1/2" x 75mm Seal Domestic Appliance Trap

McAlpine WM2 1 1/2" x 75mm Seal Domestic Appliance Trap | Trade Plumbing Supplier

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McAlpine WM2 Seal Domestic Appliance Trap

McAlpine are the market leaders in Plastic Plumbing Traps. They were the first UK manufacturers of Plastic Traps and are still considered the best available today. They have earned a reputation for producing Traps that can help with any Plumbing problems. They now offer a wide range of Plastic Plumbing Traps including Bottle Traps, P Traps, S Traps, Bath Traps, Anti Syphon Traps, Shower Traps, Washing Machine Traps, plus many more.

Key Features

  • 1 1/2" x 75mm

  • 75mm Water Seal

  • 1½" Multifit Compression Outlet suits all plastic, copper and lead pipe

  • Can accept discharge from a washing or dishwashing machine

  • Manufactured in polypropylene

  • Conforms to EN 274-1:2002

If a plastic pipe is undersize, or out of shape, the end may require to be warmed to enable it to be push over the internal sleeve.



Suitable for domestic repair, maintenance and improvement work.